Topics Ahead: On Fitness and Wellness


One thing I plan to write about pretty often, is fitness and wellness. Exercising and learning about health and nutrition is one of my long-standing hobbies and one I’ve kept up throughout all of my moves. While I haven’t maintained the same routine everywhere, I’ve always found a way to keep active.

Whether it was joining IM soccer in college and grad school, signing up for olympic weightlifting classes, or starting at a new yoga studio in a new city, exercising has always been portable for me. More importantly, it’s a way for me to stay grounded, to remember that even when things are crazy or unpredictable in my life, I’m lucky enough to be able to move and relieve stress and feel strong. That said, I’ve had my fair share of injuries and bouts of various health challenges that have kept me from exercise, so it hasn’t by any means been perfect. But, it’s during those times that I remember to value my body and what it is capable of — even if in that moment it’s just a walk, stretching, or committing to what I’ll do when I’ve recovered.

Fitness has become a way of life for me and I know that for many others today, especially through social media, it’s become the same for them. I plan to write more pointed posts about specific forms of exercise and wellness that help me get through stressful times, keep me motivated when I’m traveling, and about ways to stay moving when you don’t have access to the outdoors, gyms, or studio classes. I’m also looking forward to using this space to challenge myself to be more consistent and to try new things so I can share with you what works for me and those who inspire me.

(photo: picture I took during a 10K run in Helsinki last year)

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