A Saturday in San Angel, Mexico City

Since it’s already February, I’ll skip the Happy New Year talk. But I will say, I am excited to be back at it in 2020 and have something fun to share with you: one of my favorite Saturday outings in Mexico City.

I’ve been wanting to write something about this popular neighborhood for a while, ever since I took friends here and figured out the perfect Saturday loop. So without further ado, here is my proposed itinerary for a fun, art-filled Saturday in Mexico City.

San Angel, Mexico City

This neighborhood is a wonderful respite on an early Saturday morning from Mexico City’s regular hustle and bustle. Its cobblestoned streets and gorgeous homes make you feel like you’re in a suburb, while you’re in fact just a 20-minute Uber ride from some of the other common destinations in the city.

First stop, El Bazaar Sábado – opens at 10 a.m.

I recommend arriving early, around 9:00 a.m., to beat the crowds, peruse the boutiques and grab breakfast at one of the small, family-run restaurants like Creperie Du Solei near Plaza del Carmen.

After breakfast, make your way to the market’s main square, Plaza San Jacinto, to enjoy the paintings and other arts and crafts set up throughout the area. For those interested in history, you’ll likely notice a commemorative statue from Ireland at the top the plaza. The statue was a gift from the Irish government to Mexico after the Mexican-American War.

If you decide to visit the gorgeous Centro Cultural Isidro Fabela and want more history, visit their top floor, which also offers a fantastic view of the nearby rooftops.

Next take a gander into the indoor market, the bazaar itself — and if you’re still hungry — there are excellent quesadillas just inside as well.

Stop along the way:

Toca Madera – Art gallery and shop

I highly recommend a stop into this beautiful house-turned art gallery and shop. The store is also home to at least two cats and feels like you’re touring a cozy, well-decorated home.

Next stop, San Angel Inn

If by now you’re a little tuckered our and could use a margarita, I recommend the walk to the San Angel Inn. Route the 15-minute walk on Google Maps, but be careful of the busy intersection you have to cross just before arriving at the inn.

In what used to be a monastery is now a very posh restaurant, but don’t worry, there is large courtyard with an entrance by the valet car service area that doesn’t require reservations. There, you can claim a spot along the courtyard and sip a margarita and enjoy fresh guacamole.

Final stop, Diego and Frida’s Studio

Across the street from the San Angel Inn, you’ll find the Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. And unlike Frida’s house in Coyocan, this museum doesn’t require standing in lines nor online reservations to visit. Just walk up with pesos in hand, and enjoy. Inside the three buildings on the cactus-lined grounds, you’ll find studio spaces as Frida and Diego left them in addition to rotating exhibits. This is one of my favorite places to revisit and is well worth a stop.

That’s the end of my tour, but San Angel’s treasures don’t stop there. I recommend continuing to explore the neighborhood thoroughly on foot if you have the energy and ability to do so. Enjoy!

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