Meditation at Work — More than Just Woo-Woo


Today’s post is pretty short, but I wanted to share with you something I’ll be working on over holidays. This is just a brief introduction, but I’m excited to keep you updated over the coming months as it develops.

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed by work is the norm for many of us, but I find it can be even harder to get away from those feelings when you’re somewhere new. Whether it’s starting a new job or position, or moving to a new city, finding outlets to relieve stress is particularly challenging. Your senses tend to be overloaded by new people, places, and responsibilities. While I normally turn to exercise, yoga, and spending time with friends — or texting them if they’re far away — sometimes that just doesn’t cut it.

Recently I’ve been thinking I need to bring more calming practices into my workplace rather than waiting to release all of my stress in the evenings or on weekends. So while I casually joked after a particularly tense morning in the office about starting a meditation group, I was pleasantly surprised at how enthusiastic some of my colleagues were about the idea. Perhaps recent mindfulness trends and apps like Headspace and Calm make meditation more accessible these days. Either way, I’ve been on board with meditation for while and am excited to find new ways expand how I practice it.

That said, I have little idea about how to start such a group and I’m a sporadic meditator myself. Luckily, the internet is all knowing and sure enough, there are tons of resources on how to start guided meditations at work. My plan is to study up over the next month and commit myself to starting a guided meditation group in the new year, both for my well-being and that of my colleagues. It will be challenging to fit in to my already-busy schedule, but surely it will be rewarding. Plus, what a great excuse to peel ourselves away from our desks once a week and sit in total silence.

Wish me luck and I’ll check in soon!

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