On Reclaiming Your Hobbies


Have you ever been forced to do one of those terrible icebreaker activities or been at a party when someone asked you “What are your hobbies?”

And you thought long and hard, but all that came to mind were the hours of Netflix after work? Or maybe all the time you spend cleaning the house or taking care of your family?

We are tired, we are overworked, we are distracted. It makes sense that it feels like there’s no time for all the things we once did, like sports, or art, or music. I definitely feel that way. Of course I love a lazy evening and spending time with family and friends, but each week I get a nagging feeling reminding me of the long list of activities that once again, I forgot to make time for. For example that unfinished craft collecting dust under my coffee table or that untested recipe I saved on Instagram.

Recently, I decided, I was sick of that feeling and tired of waiting to get started. So, I went out on a limb and hired a coach — a goal coach, I guess you could call her. It sounded very new age-y, but it is more than worthwhile. It’s been a good kick in the pants to boost my ambition and creativity. To focus on myself each day week, and ultimately to come one step close to figure out what really makes me happy (or maybe content, but you get the idea). While a coach may not be everyone’s ideal fix, starting some sort of fire under yourself to really encourage you to go for your goals should not be underestimated. 

My main impetus has been to develop fulfilling skills outside of work that I can take with me any where I go. I have found that like exercise and eating well, hobbies are integral part of my overall well being. With that in mind, I’ve been rekindling my interest in music and writing. As I get back to these hobbies, I plan to document my progress, struggles, and realizations every month in hopes of inspiring others and myself to keep developing and adding joyful moments to each day.

It would be great if you would join me in reclaiming your hobbies and with it, little by little, a greater sense of happiness and self. 

I look forward to sharing updates soon!

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